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Somdyuti Datta Ray
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Perfect description of the scene...especially Snape's facial expression.

the one thing good thing i believe Snape did was to save Draco from Voldemort. Voldemort would've killed Draco if he knew that's where the Elder wanda allegiance lied, Snape saved him by not sharing that information with Voldemort.

Well, I'm gonna go cry in a corner now

Well there goes my heart. Good thing I didn't need that.<---*Looks down at the shattered pieces of my heart and shrugs*

Mrs Weasley could be so, so cruel. To Sirius and Hermione and I'm not sure who else but it's there and it's nauseating<<<i agree, there was a time when I wanted to jump in the book and knock molly-wobbles' face.

I smell another series that we need...

Ah yes, Andromeda "Fuck You All I'm Marrying Ted, A Muggle Born" Black. Such good impulse control. Can't possibly imagine where Tonks got it from.

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Creation of the Marauders Map. >>>> It's because the map doesn't rely on vision. It shows people's physical place, which is still possible to find if you are under the cloak. Death could not find people under the cloak because Death was relying on vision.