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Potter Animal Pals…

Funny pictures about Potter Animal Pals. Oh, and cool pics about Potter Animal Pals. Also, Potter Animal Pals.

Now if only they'd credited the artists who made them. At least I know who the DW and Sherlock artist is (Alice X. Zhang).

I actually have the Doctor Who picture on a shirt that I got from Hot Topic so yes, fan art is ART

Sassy Harry

Harry would never make fun of his friend like that though. He reserves his sass for those who deserve it. Ron feels insecure enough about the robes in the book. That said this scene is hilarious in the movie. But it wouldn't work in the book<<<

YES <3 harry with Remus & Sirius

This would be awesome,harry potter au,Sirius Black,Remus Lupin

this is actually really cool.

Proper lightning scar would be cool, but the interesting thing is that the crude lightning bolt scar is actually in the shape of the hand movement of the killing curse.

Baby avengers

I found this adorable

Baby avengers vs x-men! This is the cutest thing ever! Baby Thor cracks me up!

In fanfiction, they just use a spell to stick the leaf to the roof of their mouth? << do you know the spell that will magically stick a mandrake leaf to the roof of your mouth?


tanya-antre: “Niffler by ThreeLeaves ” omg a hufflepuff niffler with a cuppa!

Harry Potter Family Tree

Harry Potter Family Tree- okay, need to make up some exercises en español to use this in class!

Hetalia ~~

england looks like he gunna kill sumbadi i own nothing the wall outlet faces of hetalia