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Pins You Love!

Want to see what everyone else finds ‘pinteresting’ on Take a peek at the Hello Kitty ‘Pins You Love’ board to check out what people are pinning!

Pins You Love!

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Mint colored 3D Hello Kitty backpack with white polka dots - a supercute take on an everyday item

Poketo wooden coasters with #HelloKitty expressions... too cute to use?

Exclusive #Loungefly collection for #HelloKitty. Classic colors for the classic girl

You can't go past classic black and #HelloKitty #perfectbag

Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Collection of delectable eye colors by Sephora

Pretty pink #HelloKitty ceramic mug. Collectable Sanrio set available!!

Dress up the home office or dorm room with all things #HelloKitty

A sweet #HelloKitty face and pretty pink eyelet patterns

For the love of pink: Women's Minnetonka moc has cute Hello Kitty accents

  • Lissy

    I saw these @ the mall today!!

PJs with animal print bottoms and #HelloKitty top!

#HelloKitty 40th Anniversary mug with supercute stirrer: 1981 Hello Kitty Town Scene

Sometimes a little rain can be quite refreshing!

The perfect pink #HelloKitty shoulder bag

The #HelloKitty outdoor pitcher keeps guests smiling

#HelloKitty retractable kabuki brush... brush up on makeup techniques

We're slightly dotty for this #Loungefly x #HelloKitty backpack

  • veronica spivey
    veronica spivey

    want this but i'm probably too old...

  • Kawaii crafts♥
    Kawaii crafts♥

    Ohtje Limwanit want!!!

  • Kawaii crafts♥
    Kawaii crafts♥

    Veronica Sartori spivey u are never too old for Hello Kitty

  • Valerie Haro
    Valerie Haro


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Printed #HelloKitty foil for parties, pot lucks and lunchbox surprises!

  • Cori Dwyer
    Cori Dwyer

    yes. I need this.

  • Loretta Go
    Loretta Go

    I need this too

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas

    me too!

  • cillaxuly <3
    cillaxuly <3

    They sale these at the Sanrio stores :)

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas

    Thank you!

Attention #HelloKitty fans who love Chocolate: get a grip with this super sweet magnet clip

Vans, Vans and more #Vans. And #HelloKitty!

  • AMG

    Nicole Rodriguez I must have!