Why is it that a kiss on the forehead from mom says "I love you forever"? This is so beautiful. I kiss my kid's foreheads

Oh, how I love this....

Lion mother and cub - all mamas love their babies.- Adorable much


Brandy no longer sleeps with a baby monitor now that she's given birth to her foal, Stormy. Their Elkmont owners use baby monitors in hopes of hearing when one of their miniature donkeys is giving birth. mom and baby

canadian geese

Mom and ducklings. (KO) Mama duck keeps her babies warm and safe. I'll bet it's toasty under her soft, strong wings. What a good little mama!

happy hippo.

A baby hippopotamus lies next to its mother on the first day it was presented to the public at the Zoo Berlin zoo on November 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The baby hippo was born at the zoo on October

Mother's LOVE!

Polar bear cub saved from mother's jaws snoozes happily in the care of its new keeper

Mother and baby camel..

Baby Camel: What do we need to survive in the Jungle? Mama Camel: First we start with our God given talent _long neck. When the Jungle Economy seems intimidating, first, lets look inward "Where did God place us?

The orangutan mother and child kiss.

Mother Orangutan and Her Baby. Baby is giving Mama a kiss. So cute!