Raven Hendershot

Raven Hendershot

Raven Hendershot
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How a staring contest can turn into love at first sight.

"Eye contact is way more intimate than words can ever be." "What if you experienced eye contact that moved your soul, but you missed your chance to speak? Eyes are the window to the soul.

It can happen.

It's funny, from the very first time my husband and I met we knew something was there and it has been the most beautiful crazy relationship i've ever experienced. He is the my best friend and the love of my life. Even if I forget that from time to time.

Millie: A cooler cat then your #cat will ever be. She goes #hiking with her owner in all kinds of #terrain.

Meet Millie, the mountain climbing cat. I love this. What an awesome pet! I always knew I'd be an awesome cat


Girl are you ready for bikini season or nah ummm you know what I'll pass by I'll be ready in 2021 just watch lool

Diller Designs bamboo and carbon fiber fat bike with Lefty fork

Diller Designs bamboo and carbon fiber fat bike with Lefty fork, inspired by Boo and Bamboo Bike Studio

Camping breakfast just got easier!

How to fry eggs on a grill - Keep the kitchen cool by preparing fried eggs on the barbecue in individual mini foil trays. It’s a fun presentation and cleanup is easy!