Hendrik Schenk

Hendrik Schenk

Photographer from Germany specialized in food- and still-photography with strong passion for cooking and everything gardening! www.hendrikschenk.de
Hendrik Schenk
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Gutes Lastenrad, fahrbarer Marktstand. Wahrscheinlich ursprünglich ein Rad für Verkauf von Heringen.

it seems that this may have been created as an undertakers bike , strange yes , but this freaky ride would be so good for transportation on the move for a mum who doesn't like to drive like me The last Rides

Coffee Bike - Eiswagen - Verkauf: Verkaufsrad | Coffee-Bike | Verkaufsfläche mit Elektroantrieb L

Our mobile coffee bike are known for their quality and durability, while creating the most unique atmosphere available for coffee enthusiasts.

peone: “ our food stories ”

our food stories: glutenfree carrot-peas-waffles with sour cream & nut-pesto food photography, food styling, learn food photography