Smoking train (by: Ralph Graef) Not really product of image processing. The photo reflects a real situation. It was snowing heavily and the smoke of this old steam engine is as dense as it appears in the picture.

Faith, hope and love Photo and caption by Nikolai Zinoviev Two year old sister and brother cubs are waiting alone for their mom to return from salmon fishing.

I've seen an image like this driving down and old country road. In the fog and mist, you could see 30 to 50 deers grazing in a field. It was awesome!

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Guy Maddin, My Winnipeg (film still) “During 1926 cold winter, all the horses from the hippodrome fled away after the stables went on fire. Their only scape-way was the river. But they all froze before managing to reach the opposite side.

Untitled (Crowd Like Atta Kim, Alexey Titarenko makes use of time-lapse and/or multiple exposure in his photographs. Of the two I prefer Titarenko's work, not least because of his moody .

swimming with whales. this WILL BE ME one day (the snorkeler that is lol). It is my dream to swim with whales!