Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien (MAK)
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a room filled with lots of shelves covered in glass cubes and lit up by lights
Shanghai Film Museum
The Cool Hunter - Shanghai Film Museum
there are many books on display in the glass case with pictures and other items behind them
Fashion Ausstellung Wien: Das Helmut Lang Œuvre
Das Helmut Lang Archiv im Museum für angewandte Kunst in Wien dokumentiert das Schaffenswerk des österreichischen Designers. Im neuen MAK Design Labor erhält Helmut Lang einen eigenen, permanenten Ausstellungsraum
a wooden bench with leather seat padding on the top and bottom, against a white background
Josef Frank, 1941
an orange chair with bamboo sticks on the back and arm rests against a white background
Presse Detail
Josef Frank - timeless!
three orange chairs sitting next to each other on a white surface with no one in it
Josef Frank chair again
the inside of a large building with columns and arches on it's ceiling,
Vienna, Museum of applied art
a silver tray with four compartments on each side and one in the middle, sitting on a white surface
Wien 1900 (@wien1900) / Twitter
#kaffeehaus #wien1900 #makapp
a wooden chair with black leather upholstered seat and armrests, viewed from the front
Wien 1900 (@wien1900) / Twitter
Josef Frank hielt nichts von standardisierten Gebrauchsgegenständen, der Armlehnsessel zeigt es. #wien1900 #makapp
the interior of a large building with green lights on it's walls and columns
MAK NITE Lab Bee Pop
an old brick building with steps leading up to it
404 - MAK Museum Wien
an old library with many bookshelves and people sitting at the tables in it
MAK Wien - MAK Museum Wien
MAK - Forschung und Wissenschaft in der MAK-Bibliothek und Kunstblättersammlung
two people in yellow protective gear standing next to each other with their arms crossed and one holding a microphone
a black and white photo of a woman's face with the words behind her
Benjamin Hirte. the classic mob ballett @MAK Wien
a silver car parked in front of a building
Mercedes F125 tonite at the opening of MADE 4 YOU
an art gallery with many pieces of furniture on display in the middle of the room
MAK-Schausammlung Barock Rokoko Klassizismus / künstlerische Intervention von Donald Judd foto: gerald zugmann/mak