William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek (1966-69, NBC)

P to one of my personal favorite geek/television icons, Leonard Nimoy, who passed away today. He certainly did live long and prosper. Picture of William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek.

by Dan Santat

'A Metaphor for Love' illustration by Dan Santat. via the artist on book book cover cover

by Ben Shahn

I love the contrast in this illustration by artist Ben Shahn ~ the subject's demeanor vs. the brightness of the ice cream cone. Line drawing vs. gobs of color.

Saul Steinberg

'Four Cats' by Romanian-born American artist Saul Steinberg

cats-2. Serbian artist Endre Penovác renders fluffy felines with stark black watercolors and ink. Penovác heavily dilutes the pigments with water creating small rivers and splotches that perfectly mimic the texture of fur.

Using only black watercolours and ink, Serbian artist Endre Penovac leaves me absolutely gobsmacked with his wonderful, fluffy renditions of black cats.

Spock riding a unicorn illustrated by Tim O'Brien for Men's Health magazine. #Spock #starTrek

archiemcphee: “We will miss you Leonard Nimoy, you were amazing. This ecstatically awesome portrait of Mister Spock riding a winged unicorn over a star-spangled rainbow was created by Brooklyn-based.