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Professional audio mastering is vital - it's your last chance to get the best out of your material before you commit it to Disc or Download! Because of my huge…
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a skeleton sitting in front of a mixing desk with the words, the mix is almost perfect
Avoid this scenario...
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My latest redesigned 'Mastering Example Tracks' playlists page can be found here...
an image of band playing on stage with words written in the background that says,'live favowriters '
Mega Dodo
A blast from the past - 1972 to be precise. Brinsley Schwarz was the band that gave us Nick Lowe the solo artist and producer, plus Bob Andrews and Brinsley Schwarz himself, who became the backbone of Graham Parker's Rumour. A great band captured Live in Cardiff and remastered by me for a limited edition release on Mega Dodo Records.
a young woman holding a pink guitar in front of a wall with graffiti on it
Private Site
Alexa Mullins is a talented young writer with a huge voice and a gift for articulating teen-girl angst via the medium of catchy pop-rock. Produced at Cream Room Studios and mastered by me. Check her out!
a skeleton sitting in front of a mixing desk with the words, the mix is almost perfect
Avoid this scenario...
an electronic device sitting on top of a wooden table
Audio Mastering, Replication, Artwork
Edward The Compressor - TF Pro P38 mastering compressor - Classic British analog compression
a piece of paper that has been written on the side of a wall with writing underneath it
Audio Mastering, Replication, Artwork
"Dear Henry, please find enclosed a cheque for £XX for the most wonderful and excellent work you have done on my back catalogue...."
the poster for weaks'album, they live
There is only one WEAK13 but there are many sounds.
Poster for "THEY LIVE" - the new album by WEAK 13 - grunge/metal band from the Midlands UK - home of heavy rock!
the fever 45's cover art for soultown ep, featuring various images of people playing instruments
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'Soultown EP' by the Fever 45s. I play the bass in this band, so it's only natural that I mixed and mastered this one. We recorded it in Tony's (keyboard player) home studio on his DAW system. He sent me the files of the individual vocal and instrumental tracks, and I loaded them on my MAGIX Sequoia system and did the mixes. It took me over a day for each song, but like I always say, better mixes mean better masters!
an open book with writing on it and a note attached to the front cover that says thank thanks for all your inquiring and professionals
"Henry, thanks for all your input and professionalism" Liam Campbell from the band, Dead Heroes Club
three skeleton figurines sitting on top of a table with caption in spanish
Audio Mastering, Replication, Artwork
The joys of recording...
the blues ghost band is featured in this cover art for their album, bootlegged in barns
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Mastered by me! I also put together the artwork for the packaging from photos supplied by the artists.
a woman with long red hair standing in front of a black background
Another mastering credit - Rachel Kern's excellent album, "After The Fire"
an image of a computer screen with a red line graph on the bottom right corner
THIS is why it's a BAD idea to get your tracks mastered in the same studio where you recorded them!!! You get a good mix in the studio, but due to anomalies in the control room monitoring / acoustics it doesn't translate to the real world. This is the FFT curve I had to use to correct one of these issues! So next time the recording engineer says, "I can take care of the Mastering for you here...", just say NO.