The Charming Miss Betty Grable: “Glamour Without the light from within is like a flower without perfume.” 1 Take Pride in your appearance and always be well-groomed 2 Believe in yourself ... Hey maybe do a cute sign hanging on each post outside

You'll find that the saying Follow Me To Tennessee might have a positive effect on your day when you wear this nicely-crafted graphic state necklace made of recycled brass and available in sterling si

Charm School Etiquettte: Say Please.... Say Thank You... and all the stuff in between. from

Not always a compliment! Isn't that the truth...many southern women can be downright vicious while attempting to appear charming! Southern hospitality, my a$$! I'll take genuine kindness w/ brilliant sarcasm when necessary of West Virginian women any day over a southern woman's "charm". :/ (Don't get me wrong, there are women in the south whose hearts are still sweet, but it's rare.)

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