This is brilliant for air drying large quantities of herbs at one time! The collapsible, mesh laundry bag!

Drying Herbs the Easy Way | Grow, Prepare, and Preserve Your Own Food and Medicine

pig pens

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Cool feeder

Noah L. and Sue A. Goddard - HOME MADE HAY FEEDER

Our sheep pens made from pallets

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Valerie Kirkland

we cut and bale our hay by hand

Oak Hill Homestead: Hay Baling

raise wool animals

How to Raise Wool Animals for Yarn - Timber Creek Farm

DIY Chicken Coop

$40 DIY Chicken CoopScott Family Homestead

The BEST Homemade Fly Spray using mineral oil, vinegar and essential oils!

The Best Homemade Fly Spray - Reformation Acres

Rabbit Hutch DIY

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Valerie Kirkland

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch for adult Meat Rabbits and/or as a Grow out pen.

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moveable goat shed

Weekend Project: Movable Goat Shed

Walk-behind haying equipment is useful for low-acreage jobs

Power Equipment Purchasing Options - Hobby Farms

10x12 barn with 8x10 open-air loafing area. I like this because it blocks a lot of wind from entering the shelter in the winter

Rain shelters - The Goat Spot - Goat Forum


The Lamb-orghini

I could make something like this, and have the storage part in the feed room (with the eating part in their pen) -Kat

First Task: Pig Feeder

Make your own goat mineral feeder

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easy to clean nesting boxes. Cut the front edge so they don't roost on them.

Buckets as Nest Boxes

How to Improve & Reseed Your Pasture This Winter (For Free)

How to Improve Your Pasture (For Free) | Reformation Acres

6 Options for Farm Fences - Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock (

6 Options for Farm Fences - Hobby Farms

Fox Mountain Farm: Fencing Detail and Design. Using eye bolts and rebar to temporarily secure livestock panel.

Fox Mountain Farm: Fencing Detail and Design

brooder inside main coop great idea!!!

jojufarm's Brooder

easy to clean nesting boxes | Above: 10 eggs in one next box (I have a lot of girls fixing to start ...

My roll-out nest boxes ~*~Pic Heavy~*~

Rabbitry Set Up

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Greatest #chicken watering system ever. #TwitPict on Twitpic

Great Pyrenees Sign $11.00

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