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This is a page listing books about Education in Japan, the school and education system, the history of the system, social, psychological and other issues related to Education in Japan, etc.

Overlapping Behavioral Characteristics Chart--includes FASD, ADHD, Sensory Intergration Disorder, ASD, bi-polar, RAD, depression, ODD, trauma and poverty

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Evidence: from September 5, 2011. Argument: Overall, this gives really helpful advice in every aspect of cyberbullying. I will use this to help me when planning my motivational speech and showing people how they can help the problem.

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ADHD Classroom Tips: Ask mom or dad to go over this and discuss it with your teacher - that way you'll be more comfortable in class ! 8D

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Anti-Bullying Week - An extensive collection of resources for dealing with bullying. We could do one per week!

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Japanese Education and the Cram School Business Functions, Challenges and Perspectives of the Juku by Marie Hojlund Roesgaard Reviewed by Nias press

Touches on math education and teaching philosophy, the differences seen between East Asia including Japan and the west

The Clash of Economic Cultures: Japanese Bankers in the City of London - by Junko Sakai - Google Books

Honest Analyst on

A good picture of the public education system in Japan 埋め込み画像への固定リンク

ELT in Japan (ELT-J): COMING SOON: OUR FIRST E-BOOK "English Teaching in Japan: Concepts, Issues and Practice