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Airy bleached wood and white minimalist modern kitchen cabinets with glass backsplash //Here are 8 well-designed homes to make your OCDs (obsessive-compulsive disorder) something to easier live with.

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We've talked about an appliance garage with cabinets above, but I kind of like this sliding door option. [Thin sliding cabinet doors in a kitchen by Germany company Beeck Kuchen conceal countertop clutter.

Furniture dimensions don't come out of the air. They come out of heavy research that, thankfully, a lot of people have already done for us and written books on; if you're a designer, you ought have a copy of one of these books (see bottom of this entry). While these

Some basic ergonomics rules that makes the furniture compatible with the user (Seating Designers Secrets: Common Dimensions, Angles and Heights).

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Ideas for mirrored cabinet trim: Mullion patterns Dura Supreme Products - traditional - kitchen cabinets - minneapolis - by Dura Supreme Cabinetry