Rainbow cookies

Rainbow Cookies - layered colored dough - each layer binded with egg white then sliced and baked. Made these with boring pink, white and chocolate doiugh years ago. Some other color scheme.

Rainbow Jelly

Get packs of jell-o (rainbow colours). Make red jell-o. Fill each glass equally using a baster. Chill in fridge 1 hr. Repeat until all colours are set. Top with a whip cream cloud.


I'm not a lesbian (I'm just strongly supportive of homosexual relationships) but it really does bother me when straight girls move away from lesbians and ostracize them like this.


Rainbow traffic lights From post: "hahaha! wonder what the other colors mean.click your heels 3 times?

Marriage equality!

Something to celebrate this morning: the Supreme Court strikes down the Defense of Marriage Act! DOMA in support of Marriage equality.

The kiss

I discovered this poster in university and it quickly became my number one gift to give to friends in Soft and beautiful. The Kiss- Tanya Chalkin

Pride Pony by MLPMeadows @ deviantart.  Can I have?

Pride Pony Hair: Super long saran in the 7 rainbow hues Main Symbol: Hand painted Female/Female symbols on her left side, and Male/Male signs on her rig.

Gay marriage quote  How true!  :)...I never thought of it like that, but how true!!!...respect all people...

Funny pictures about Blame straight people. Oh, and cool pics about Blame straight people. Also, Blame straight people photos.

hilarious gay rights sign

Even if being gay was a choice. People choose to be assholes and they can get married? We also accept these assholes into our society with open arms, they are usually holding a bible. Just Sayin!