"crafts" for boys - this one is a working bow and arrows    I'm sure a lot of girls would like these too.

Cupids Bow and Arrow! LOL Popsicle stick bow and arrow! Soak the stick in water for a few hours, bend, tie string into grooves, cut q-tips with a small groove and shoot!

Mario Brother's Storage

Cool Mario Themed Room Design for Kids - What you still remember a game that could boom in the Yeea. Super Mario Bros, he is a figure plumber with a

sexy sexy watch

Officine Panerai Marketing e Communicazioni Srl, a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont S., designs, manufactures, markets and sells watches under the Officine Panerai brand through authorized dealers and company-owned boutiques wor

"Well, it looks like someone in Apple’s patent art department wanted to hide a bit of an easter egg inside of a 2009 filing for a touch-screen iMac. The hand of Adam, lifted right from Michelangelo, was discovered by Redditor Insightfrankfurt (he actually found it three months ago, but Reddit wasn’t ready). You can see the obvious and uncanny resemblance in the graphic"

Apple Hides Michelangelo's Hand of Adam in Patent Filing

National Resophonic Guitars - for your bad-ass loud slide sounds.

Artisan Guitars offers handmade Acoustic Guitars, Electric, Ukuleles and Mandolins as well as vintage instruments from the finest craftsmen.

(from MintDigital blog: mintdigital.com/...)  A cardboard turntable from GGRP -   Made from a single piece of cardboard, an album cover envelope opens up into a working record player, complete with a 45 rpm vinyl disc. The record recounts GGRP’s musical history through a children’s story, and can be played by using a pencil to spin the disc, while the cardboard material naturally amplifies the sound.

This cardboard record player fits nicely into an envelope for easy mailing. Once it is assembled, a record can be spun on it using a pencil and the shape of the cardboard amplifies the vibrations to make the record play.