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Frugally Sustainable

Frugally Sustainable

I am a nature loving, tree hugging hippie who is deeply passionate about mindful living, organic healing, Earth elements, beautiful spaces, yoga, and meditation

Going After Goals: Backpacking In Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho. 7-day backpacking trek through the range, starting from Pettit Lake and ending at Redfish Lake, taking a few detours along the way.

the main paradox…..she in turn , has no allegiance….when the time has come to go there is a reason…..its to go while the best is present….the memories can flourish….she is a lover until the best for him is not what she has to offer….for she has gotten him there, and now it is up to him …. my self discoveries will be written about….the guilded cage can not hold a bird in flight, the selfless one, so your life can be better…..and i, can ...

Cranberry Chicken With Stuffing - trader joes cornbread stuffing mix, tj dried cranberries and pouch or dehydrated chicken, olive oil & salt/pepper

One Pan Wonders ~ Backcountry Cooking at its Finest

Looking for a delicious, lightweight backpacking dinner? Try this recipe for Coconut Curry Soup. Gourmet, huh?! Yum!


Smith Rock State Park in Bend, Oregon - Misery Ridge Loop Hike 3.8 Miles, also great for rock climbers

Punchbowl Falls along Eagle Creek Trail, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA. © Brian Jannsen Photography

Skyline Divide — Washington Trails Association

Third Beach — Washington Trails Association

The Lost Coast, California. I've been obsessed with hiking the Lost Coast for the past year. Hopefully I can do it soon.

Vultee arch. Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. Sedona, Arizona / kevin russ

White Box & Hanging Gardens of WCC • Canyoneering • Arizona

Second Beach, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, USA