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"Little Girls Can Be Mean" - how to empower your elementary-aged daughter when her friends become bullies

The Best Friend and Worst Enemy Bully

Elementary-aged girls are often bullied by good friends. The book, Little Girls Can Be Mean, teaches you how to empower your daughter to find solutions herself. (You listen and empathize!) love this idea, and will need for my girl someday I'm sure.


It's true- we ALWAYS want more- *Remember this next time you feel disapointed* You have achieved so much, be thankful for it bcuz you once hoped for all that you've achieved & have :)


You are the only person who can make yourself TRULY happy! Happiness starts with YOU! Once you allow yourself to be happy, then others will make you happy as well!

Oscar Wilde

"Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary" Oscar you treat me like am ordinary?

Positive attracts Positive ...

"Surround yourself with ONLY people who are going to lift you HIGHER"-Oprah . This is so should not let the people who constantly bring you down surround you. Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher no matter what!


Don't say something permanently hurtful, just because you're temporarily upset. Live it, and teach it to your kids

"affect" and "effect" always trip me up!

Grammar pet peeves--but how do you tell people they are using words incorrectly! My next pet peeve is mispronunciation of words!

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