A nice way to package some vinyl, by The Journal Of Popular Noise. The packaging folds out to a beautiful letter-pressed poster containing information about the Journal, the musicians, and the.

'octopus chair' by maximo riera
images courtesy of maximo riera

The Animal Chair collection from Maximo Riera at the moment contains three different chairs: Octopus Chair, Rhino Chair and Walrus Chair. But designer is going to complete it with another three: Lion Chair, Beetle Chair and Whale Chair.

skull spoons

Spull skoons: They're made from vintage silver by Tom Sale, aka Pinky Diablo, and are available in both tea- and table-skoon sizes. Of course, the numerous holes limit their utility as soup spoons, but they look pretty rad stirrers.

The Pop-up corner light by Well Well Designers — Clever

Pop-up by Well Well Designers is a corner light that is delivered in an envelope. The lamp is constructed from a sheet of paper, lined with polyphane.

Parallelepipedus” Kovrikus doormat

Parallelepipedus Kovrikus is a clever parallelogram doormat designed by Vladimir Pavlenko for Moscow-based Art.

'octopus chair' by maximo riera
images courtesy of maximo riera

The Octopus Chair is the first piece of the Animal Chair collection by Spanish artist and designer Maximo Riera. A three-year labor of love, the chair used


In LOVE with this idea so much! Love this wooden bookshelf shaped like the United States of America! It has books too in every individual state!

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