Lance Gross

Lance Gross skin looks beautiful like Hersey chocolate bar. And boy do we like our daily chocolate.

Charles Michael Davis Style

Hello Charles Michael Davis from the Origionals! Also known as Marcel. So hott!

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke's new [unrated] music video "Blurred Lines" has caused quite a stir on top of just having lots of clear boob shots. The unrated "Blurred Lines" video features mainly nude models [in flesh-toned g-strings], mild

Wes Brown in the movie Love Begins

It's a Wonderful Movie -Family & Christmas Movies on TV 2014 - Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, ABCfamily &More!


Colin Wayne is not a celeb, but he's fucking gorgeous! Muscles, tattoos, rockin' the jeans, and he's a country boy!

dark hair, freckles and a native Texan. Doesn't get much better than that! Wes Brown, ladies!

Wes Brown in Stone Rose Lounge And Simon LA Preview At Newly Renovated Sofitel LA