63. I don't remember much of the first months. I was so tired. My baby boy had stomachaches, poor thing :( We slept many, many nights just like in this picture.

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"some like to photograph newborn babies in flowerpots, looking like butterflies.. i like to photograph them in your arms, looking like your newborn baby" - newborn photography by galaxie andrews

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"We push women to study, to get a great job then at some point they have to choose between a family or a career. Women shouldnt have to choose" Licia Ronzulli often brings her daughter at the European Parliament as a symbolic gesture to reclaim more rights for women in reconciling work and family life.

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Bring your daughter to work, everyday…


Laying in bed on Sunday morning reading, while my little child rolls around on my "big" bed

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Growing Wildly


☽ pinterest: charlottegrac3 ☾

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felica allen on Instagram: “still in sweats, on our 4th snack ... is it Friday yet? on the bright side - how bout these self timer skillzzzzz ”


how many times have I done this same thing? I believe its the reason my kids love to read. -Pat Crowe-esci o?

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas, Maternity Photography, Kids Crafts, Modern Nursery Decor, Family Blog | 100 Layer Cakelet

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(Rp? Someone be him? No powers or fandoms) I hold my baby, Rose, close to me and sit on the bed. Having her wasn't my idea at all; I was forced, but I love her more than anything. Suddenly, the door is shoved open and my 'boyfriend' (if I could even call him that) walks in. He walks toward me, and I instantly hold Rose tighter. "Give me the baby, Katherine," he growls. I shake my head. "No." (Credit to @hkjohnstone01)

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Plum Pretty Sugar


via mothermag.com the house of Cary Vaughan of Ace & Jig. Ace & Jig x Counterpane collaboration pillows

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Magnific Popup: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin


Pregnancy, Birth, and Motherhood: Born by Elinor CarucciLightBox - LightBox

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Going to the toilet with a small child on your lap


Audrey Hepburn www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2394555/Sixty-years-Roman-Holiday-star-Audrey-Hepburns-son-Luca-shares-personal-snaps-mother--just-unstarry-upbringing-gave-him.html

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www.shopmomista.com boutique for the modern baby & kid www.themomistadiaries.com your guide to stylish mommyhood

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Homepage » Kandis Marino Photography


Precious nap time moment picture of mother and newborn

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open kitchen shelving, clean scheme, possibly cladding a part of ceiling with wood...

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Katie's pencil box

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Katie's pencil box: saturday hideaway


mama-hood. Oh, Someday I hope to experience such a beautiful gift!

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Denim Plus…with Photographer Frances Tulk-Hart


baby photo by the little red #Lovely Newborn| http://lovely-newborn-photos-575.lemoncoin.org

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:) Because becoming someone's or somebodies' mama would be another great honor someday.

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A Complete Life


i'd love to live somewhere tropical with an outdoor shower for cute pics like this. and general awesomeness.

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Goddess of the Sea


Luna Love | Momma and babe ☽

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vanilla & lace: Wild thing on halloween

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vanilla & lace: Wild thing on halloween


Tweed Dress sewing pattern with detachable collar available on BurdaStyle

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Tweed Dress 12/2012 #133


Eighth Place Winner - I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Love

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February Photo Challenge Winners | Love | iHeartFaces.com


Jane Birkin-Birkin Bangs have ALWAYS been my very favorite. Almost anyone can wear them. That's saying something...

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