Old Piano remnants made into an art piece above the bed I recycled some remnants of a very old piano that belonged to a friends grandmother... It had been at rest in his Shed for years and thank goodness he thought of me before it ended up on the burn pile... He said he had been saving it just because it look so neat with all the carved wood but decided he wanted to clean up his shed & was doing some tossing out... When he told me what he had I never imagined how beautiful it would be when

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One way to recycle an upright piano!

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bracelet from recycled piano keys

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Recycled Piano Flat Drop Earrings Pink Pattern, via Etsy.

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Carol Cole’s Mesmerizing Steinway Mandala is Made From Recycled Piano Keys

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shelf from old piano

New Life for Old Pianos — The Oregonian: 4.17.09


Recycled piano - desk

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Some amazing recycled pianos

Inspiration: Recycling pianos | The DIY Adventures


Photo: I love this idea. I would rather see an old piano recycled into something purposeful as opposed to the landfill. I would definitely remove the ivory keys before doing this and save them for another decorating idea.

The Lazy Gourmet: 6/10/12 - 6/17/12


Damaged and rescued Grand piano repurposed into wooden bookcase shelves. Salvage, upcycle, recycle! For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale & ReDesign, Bonita Springs, FL #coolest #bookshelves

Piano bookshelf | Recyclart