michael mcconnell

Animal / Children illustration by Michael McConnell. These paintings are ‘dealing with the characteristics that we associate with animals, in conjunction with how we are raising our children.

Tokyo, Japan artist Xhxix

'Boris ‘New Album’' - Tokyo, Japan artist Xhxix. ( This is what my brain feels like about half the time.

Hollie Chastain.

hollie chastain - book cover collage I like the contrast between the neutrals and the bright handcut raindrops. I also like the refined oddity (emerging from the eyes) /// book cover idea when constructing our sketchbooks

Ashley Joseph Edwards.

I’ve seen the collage work of London based artist Ashley Joseph Edwards popping up all over the internet lately, but it was his image of that sweet little pink pyramid saying her bedtime prayers that got me.


just go with the gut- over thinking + past baggage = mind explosion. know truth - live love

Amy Friend

AMY FRIEND /// DARE ALLA LUCE "Through small deliberate interventions, I altered these vintage images, allowing light to pass throu.

Diagram of the Brain. Vintage style ephemera of the Left & Right Hemisphere of the Brain.

PHOTOMONTAGE: Joe Webb; 2011, Assemblage / Collage "Antares and Love #2"

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Arts and Crafts Gun. A weapon of mass creation. Way to go, . Teacher saw this. Arts and Crafts Gun A weapon of mass creation Way to go Teacher saw this Principle banned goddamn crayons