Crazy kitty

Peek-a-Boo or photobomb?

Aww <3

Funny pictures about Just a little basset puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Just a little basset puppy. Also, Just a little basset puppy photos.

Mom supervising - a little mini-me! Before we adopted our second cat (rescue from foster home), I'm so glad we got to see him with his mom. He looks exactly like his mom. Although now I wish we'd brought his mom home with us too. They were so connected.


oh my gosh :) tea cup pig I want one!

Special Delivery!

You've got mail! You've got Mail! You've got Mail!

Scared at vet's office!

"Hold me! Hold me!" So funny but so cute!


sleeping dogs are so adorable:)


best breed of dog ive had so far. although i have a siberian husky/ timber wolf mix.


Who could deny that face.

Bulldog pup

I want a puppy.I want a puppy.I want a puppy.I want a puppy.I want a puppy.

So sweet!

Adorable Dog Adopts Orphaned Baby Bunnies - King Charles Spaniel with baby bunny rabbits.

Cheetah cub :)

i want my own baby cheetah cub!

What's it to ya?

my cat sits like this all the time!

Alaskan Malamute

Kind of resembles my old dog Sheba a tiny bit (she was a German Shepherd/Husky).

Kitty sweater

cute little kitten in a knitted green and yellow striped hoodie. what's cuter than a kitten in a hoodie? absolutely nothing.

Husky in leaves

Looking back on old photos. These were taken last Thanksgiving the day after we brought precious home and I already can’t believe how my little men (and girl) have changed.