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  • Marianne King
    Marianne King

    Plus, they're tropical fish, so they need a heater

  • Katy Harrell
    Katy Harrell

    These are betta fish, not tropical fish. Betta fish are required to have smaller bowls bc that's how they live in their natural habitats in rice fields (they basically live in puddles in the wild) and they are one of the few fish that do not require filters or air pumps.

  • Laura Toth
    Laura Toth

    They may tolerate a tiny container for a while, but why do that to them? I had two that I kept in a divided 3 gallon tank--not huge, but they did well.

  • Marianne King
    Marianne King

    Betta fish live in large rice fields that have shallow water, so they do need space. They can live in small bowls for a while, but as with any tropical fish, the rule of one gallon/inch applies to them. And they are tropical fish, any good aquarium book will say so. They're both happier and healthier when they're tanks have heaters.

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  • velma mcreynolds
    velma mcreynolds

    I love it ...

  • Eddrena Miller
    Eddrena Miller

    Hmmmm, Interesting!

  • Deby Crowder
    Deby Crowder

    I think I'd like to try this 😆

  • Gloria E.Cancel
    Gloria E.Cancel

    They are wonderful as Thank You gifts.

  • velma mcreynolds
    velma mcreynolds

    How do you doi

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  • Carol Sipe
    Carol Sipe


  • phyllis lamb
    phyllis lamb

    This is seriously cool.

  • SARA


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  • Michelle Saling
    Michelle Saling

    Yes I would like to build one of these

  • Anne Watkins
    Anne Watkins

    Me too

Container Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Urbanites >>

Container Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Urbanites >>

  • Irene McKinnon
    Irene McKinnon

    Colors are so pretty.

Container Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Urbanites >>

  • Jo-Ann Ring
    Jo-Ann Ring

    looking forward to my small space strawberries!!!

  • Taun Bogan
    Taun Bogan

    Love this idea.

Container Gardening Tips for Apartment Dwellers and Urbanites >>

  • Helene Salowitz
    Helene Salowitz

    Very cute and unique

  • SARA

    Great Idea

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  • debera bragg
    debera bragg

    would look great in your back yard

  • Robin Mason
    Robin Mason

    Would like the house ( with French doors) along with this beautiful garden

  • Dee

    Love it!

  • Anne Watkins
    Anne Watkins

    Oh to have ones own space especially like this

  • Sally Trenkamp
    Sally Trenkamp

    This is really cute

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  • Accidental Happy Baker
    Accidental Happy Baker

    Bwahaha. First picture is something I killed. Pinning anyway.

  • Kathy Eastman
    Kathy Eastman

    Just what I need

  • Sue Reid
    Sue Reid

    Jennifer Mulligan

  • Sandi Gileo
    Sandi Gileo

    I killed the gallardia too..well I think the slugs got it actually.

  • Ruth Horst
    Ruth Horst

    As for the one in the picture mines dead too.

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  • Sonja Pettigrew
    Sonja Pettigrew


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