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DIY Painted Herringbone Table - HGTV Handmade

How to build a DIY industrial-rustic coffee table

Build a Factory Cart Coffee Table
  • Suzanne Hood
    Suzanne Hood

    I have been looking for these wheels. I didn't find them I'm the site.

  • Suzanne Hood
    Suzanne Hood

    I'm / on

  • Kat

    I was @ our local Harbor Freight just yesterday & they had all sorts of sizes & styles...some spoked & some solid. Also, found on Google...the W. W. Grainger website has industrial style cart wheels (which are probably fairly rea$onable) & several Etsy & Amazon sites are advertising them for sale (probably NOT so rea$onable).

  • Jane Markel
    Jane Markel

    This is a winter project in the basement, love it. Going to see how my carpenter skills are.

  • The STEP Group
    The STEP Group

    Love this coffee table!!

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Innovative yet simple, this wine rack is made from reclaimed lumber and wooden dowels.

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces
  • Danielle Morgan
    Danielle Morgan

    The bottles are at the correct angle - they are just upside down (rather, they should be upside down). Not sure if they did that for the photo, but the craft is correct.

  • Julia Intravia
    Julia Intravia

    I would probably drink all those before I would even worry about the wine going bad, its probably just for show

  • John

    This looks natural and cool, but the fresh wooden dowels spoil it, could definitely be improved. But still great idea.

  • Range Hoods Inc
    Range Hoods Inc

    Love this idea and reclaimed wood is in right now.

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Combine reclaimed wood and galvanized black pipe to create a rugged bookshelf that adds texture and warmth to any room.

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces
  • Ineke Groombridge
    Ineke Groombridge

    Love this bookcase!

  • Mary Baker
    Mary Baker

    me too

  • Jeanette @
    Jeanette @

    I want to do how it's styled!

  • Heather Lamb
    Heather Lamb

    This is awesome!

  • Diana Valdez
    Diana Valdez


Transform a painter's canvas and carpet tacks into a contemporary yet rustic upholstered headboard.

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces
  • Adriana J. Garces Visual Art
    Adriana J. Garces Visual Art

    Same here. As a Visual Artist, I can appreciate a canvas DIY! Nice one.

  • Kelly Lemon
    Kelly Lemon

    Have plans for a similar one!

  • elizabeth mccall
    elizabeth mccall

    I love this idea....I bet a door could be padded & covered with cotton canvas...add a row of nail heads....I'm going to try this!!

  • Andrea Everhart
    Andrea Everhart

    Love this! May even get my daughters to paint it with colors that match the room.

  • elizabeth mccall
    elizabeth mccall

    I think paint will hold on material very well. You might need to check on what paint can be used. Could be a pattern or a color or colors!

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Combine reclaimed wood and casters to create a rugged coffee table with a touch of industrial chic — a beautiful centerpiece for your living room.

DIY Furniture Projects: 5 Rustic Industrial Pieces
  • maggi dunn
    maggi dunn

    A perfect example of re cycling or up cycling. Gorgeous.

  • Ted Hastings
    Ted Hastings

    Very cool

Looking for a way to add more interest to a simple lamp? This budget-friendly and fun idea using glued and painted Christmas ornaments is all you need for a totally new look.

How to Use Christmas Ornaments to Upgrade a Lamp
  • Charlotte McClain
    Charlotte McClain

    I might try that.

  • Toni Sisti
    Toni Sisti

    Try golf balls for golfers!!

  • Deanna Graham
    Deanna Graham

    Might try this.

  • Jacque DeLuca Perez
    Jacque DeLuca Perez

    pingpong balls!

Transform empty kitchen wall space into functional, modern display and storage space with these easy-to-create magnetic accessories.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • Pat Greco
    Pat Greco

    I need any/all ideas for designing my Craft Room!

With just a few simple modifications, a basic bookshelf can be turned into a fun kid-sized kitchen for your little chef. Get step-by-step instructions for the play kitchen here.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • Dorena Waltman
    Dorena Waltman

    such wonderful ideals to make a small life brighter

With rustic bracing and notched corners, these farmhouse-style benches are sturdy, easy to build and stylish.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • Minnie Moritomo
    Minnie Moritomo

    Awesome Project, Thank you

With a reclaimed wood top and caster wheels, this step-by-step project shows you how to create a factory-style look without the sticker shock.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • john kraft
    john kraft

    Great use of your materials, Ana. Like the look, a lot. John

  • Tera Hagen
    Tera Hagen

    Love it

  • Lavende and Lemonade
    Lavende and Lemonade

    Beautiful, practical, and uses reclaimed materials...a perfect project!

  • Dawn Hutchison
    Dawn Hutchison

    Cool think I am going to try this!!!

Easy to build and inexpensive, this daybed will provide the perfect spot to read or nap in your backyard retreat. It's sized to fit a twin mattress for all-day lounging.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • Linda Lonich
    Linda Lonich

    I would just put a plastic mattress cover to protect the mattress from getting bugs or from getting wet!

  • connie bridges
    connie bridges

    It could used on an enclosed porch instead of outdoors.

  • Eddie Mae Bobbitt
    Eddie Mae Bobbitt

    I have a friend inFl. who has one on her screened porch. A delightful place to sleep on a nice night.

  • Janet Pedersen
    Janet Pedersen

    It would be nice on an enclosed porch, I'm not into sleeping outside with the bugs and creepy crawlies.

  • Pat Greco
    Pat Greco

    I would Love to have this on my "Dreamed About" porch!

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An open dining area hutch offers a place to display beautiful serving pieces and glassware. Using solid pine boards, you can make this DIY version in just a few hours.

Easy DIY Projects From the Host of Saving Alaska
  • Pat Jones
    Pat Jones

    very creative, like a lot!

  • Lenette Peach
    Lenette Peach

    Love the open Concept, really shows woodgrains and shows glassware items nicely!

  • Barbara Fairall
    Barbara Fairall

    I love it. I love things that are open.

  • Guy Crease
    Guy Crease

    Beauty, 'm gonna make one, but will put a bottom half on also

  • Jeanette @
    Jeanette @

    So happy to see natural wood making a comeback.

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Give your walls a cool effect with a pop art look. Get simple instructions on how to make a faux screenprint at

25 Ways to Dress Up Blank Walls

Ann's Flea Market Haul - HGTV Handmade

Transform wooden packing pallets into a hanging outdoor bar complete with a fold-up shelf-->

Build a Hanging Outdoor Bar
  • Ruth Pelletier
    Ruth Pelletier

    Handy man's special

  • best celebrity dresses
    best celebrity dresses


  • Emy

    cool that's new

Inspire your little pirate's imagination and add nautical flair to your backyard with a one-of-a-kind sandbox made from a wooden rowboat-->

How to Make a Rowboat Sandbox
  • Emily

    That's cool! We've been talking about making one. This would be fun!

Turn a bedroom wall into a storage unit with bunk beds using ready-made cabinets and basic lumber-->

  • Michele Highley
    Michele Highley

    Great for guest room

  • Emy

    wow i like the room it's super cute

  • Elizabeth Sibus-Fischer
    Elizabeth Sibus-Fischer

    So Nautical!

  • Kella Staller
    Kella Staller

    Bailey's Room

  • Susan Laycock
    Susan Laycock


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Flea Market Shopping Tips - HGTV Handmade

  • Sheila Stein
    Sheila Stein

    Long Beach Flea Market

53 DIY Headboard Ideas >> blog.diynetwork.c...

DIY Headboards: 53 Original Ideas for Easy Style | Made + Remade
  • Katrina LaRocca
    Katrina LaRocca

    Ooo so cute!

  • Emy

    that's really pretty

  • Home Wizards
    Home Wizards

    I love these! What a great way to personalize a room! :)

Add industrial-chic open storage to a space with plumbing supplies and basic lumber>>

Pine and Plumbing Supply Shelving System
  • Kristin

    I can do that Shannon E.

  • Story Book Life
    Story Book Life

    I know, i need some! Kristin

  • Robyn Watt
    Robyn Watt

    Yes yes yes!!!

Spice up a plain bookshelf with graphic wallpaper:

Add Graphic Pop to a Bookcase With Wallpaper
  • Margaret Starks Swinehart
    Margaret Starks Swinehart

    I am in the middle of refinishing the living room bookcases. Love the wallpaper idea to really make it unique!

  • Sherry Hyatt
    Sherry Hyatt

    This would look great in my grandsons bedroom

  • Emy

    that's a good idea

  • Home Wizards
    Home Wizards

    I love the color choices! :) I am wild for colors - I have a whole board called "Color Palettes" that I update every week. Thanks for the share! :) ~ Cindy

Install a fabric feature wall in your home. Unlike wallpaper, the fabric will peel off easily when you're ready for a change!

How to Install a Fabric Feature Wall

Give a plain nightstand some rustic charm with milk paint and a few easy tricks.

Give Plain Nightstands Rustic Charm With Milk Paint
  • Susan J Sullivan
    Susan J Sullivan

    wow I just re-read my comment from yesterday My command of the English language is much better than that! Apparently my typing skills not so much..... I too love the colour : someone had just asked about other colours of milk paint .

  • Genelle Jackson
    Genelle Jackson

    I forget to proof read, plus auto correct, makes me want to hide behind a red face.

  • Judy Alexander-Preziotti
    Judy Alexander-Preziotti

    I really like this idea and color!

  • Tory Stearns
    Tory Stearns

    wow i love it and the wallpaper too

  • Range Hoods Inc
    Range Hoods Inc

    Love it! Is it hand painted?

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Make your own kitchen storage shelf that doubles as a pot rack.

Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Storage Shelf and Pot Rack
  • Southern Living - In Tennessee
    Southern Living - In Tennessee

    Great idea!

  • Liz Hollifield
    Liz Hollifield

    Love this. Useful and Rustic Pretty

  • Edlyne Fleuriot
    Edlyne Fleuriot

    I like the idea