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Bridesmaid On A Budget? 4 Ways To Plan An Amazing Bachelorette Party Without Spending a Fortune

It's the classic bridesmaid dilemma: you've already bought a $300 dress, shoes you'll never wear again, and you still have to get your hair and nails done...and contribute to the wedding gift. Oh yeah, and the bridal shower gift. Regardless of whether you're in grad school or working your dream


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10 Bachelorette Party Ideas You Won’t Regret Later

If you're having a bachelorette party it's an unwritten rule that it has to involve phallic necklaces, too many shots, and a night at the bars, right? Thankfully not! We know that's not everyone's ideal evening for their "last fling before the ring"! We've rounded up some classy & fun bachelorette party ideas for you and your favorite ladies that won't result in an album full of embarrassing Facebook pictures.

10 Bachelorette Party Ideas You Won’t Regret Later