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"City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction", by David Macaulay. This book, particularly the illustrations, is absolutely fascinating!

Roman Empire video links & lesson plans (grades 6-12)

Free Ancient Rome Unit & Lapbook

Roman Empire Primary Teaching Resources and Printables - SparkleBox

Free for Magic Tree House #13 Vacation under the Volcano {Rome} - Idea Organizers

FREE printable educational posters, photos, vocabulary cards, coloring pages, and more for teaching Ancient Rome

History Teaching Resource -What the Romans Did for Us, Legacy of the Roman Occupation of Britain Posters

Excellent history resources, worksheets and assessments

Free worksheets and printables on Ancient Rome. Good stuff!

Google Earth explores Ancient Rome in 3D. Very cool!

Make a Roman Centurion Costume

Free Printable Roman Coliseum Worksheet (4th grade level)

Free printable Ancient Rome coloring book pages

Ancient Rome for Kids ~ A website for kids and teachers

We love, love, love Dover coloring books!

Children will learn all about different civilizations and inventions—the way they changed history, their evolution over centuries, and their influence on modern times—through the activities and anecdotes provided in this interactive series.

Life for youngsters in ancient Rome was both different and similar to today. There were schools, but only wealthy children attended them. There were pets, but monkeys and magpies were popular as well as dogs and cats. Baths were a must, but most children took them at one of the city’s 1,000 public baths. Even the favorite hangout of contemporary youngsters, the mall, originated in Rome. This book explores one of the world’s great historic cultures as experienced by its younger members.

A lively introduction to ancient Rome, great for homeschoolers!

Ancient Rome! by Kaleidoscope Kids has a lot of fun facts about Ancient Rome, including a look at how many English words are derived from Latin, but we used it primarily for the simple craft projects.

Classical Kids is a book of projects and activities for both Ancient Rome and Greece. A lot of the projects are very simple, which was great for us but might be a little boring for older kids. I'd recommend this book for grades 1-3, though I do think I'll use it again in fourth grade.

Find out what life was like almost two thousand years ago during the height of the Roman Empire. Join ten-year-old Marcus for the fabulous parade and the athletes' contest in the Colosseum. Top the day off with an exciting chariot race at the circus. Turn an ordinary sheet into a Roman toga. Learn to write in Latin. Build a legionnaire's helmet and shield, design a decorative mosaic with beans, or draw a sundial that really works!