Chandler And Joey Now

Chandler And Joey Now

Funny pictures about Chandler And Joey Today. Oh, and cool pics about Chandler And Joey Today. Also, Chandler And Joey Today photos.

I. Love. Chandler. Bing.

FRIENDS- Joey: Ducks is heads becuse ducks have heads. Chandler: what kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?


Janice: "A little birdie told me you wanted to rip your arm off and throw it at me!

19 Of Phoebe Buffay’s Best Lines On “Friends”…

19 Of Phoebe Buffay’s Best Lines On “Friends”… ~ Mila find a board for this inspirational message, maybe "Spiritual"?

Favorite show of all time

Where is Monica? Some girl ate Monica! The camera adds 10 pounds! So, how many cameras are actually on you?

Haha, Monica's first kiss

Boys who were your first kiss…


Friends - Fat Monica-Skinny Monica/ Flock of Seagulls Chandler-Miami Vice Chandler

"What's your dog's name again?" "Joey."

Waitress: A woman had two bites of her steak. Want me to wrap it up for your dog? Monica: Oh, yeah. Waitress: What's your dog's name again?

Monica & Chandler <3

Always thought back to this episode of ben being born when chandler and monica got together


literally one of my favorite episodes.Joey and the little girl at Chandler's & Monica's new house