How to Draw a Bird: notebook for five levels of environmental organization.

How to Draw a Bird

(I should teach my son this!) Start with an arrow, end with a cute birdie! Great way to teach kids how to draw birds!

Create art with plywood as your canvas! Items needed: plywood, acrylic paint and brushes.

150th Power of Paint Party ~ Plywood Art

Art on plywood instead of an expensive canvas! Create art of plywood! You just need scrap plywood, acrylic craft paints and some brushes.

Easy Scenes To Paint | Follow our simple step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw this ... this is a good place to learn to paint...I want to use this when I help the kids paint

How to Draw a Tropical Beach Scene in 5 Steps

How to Draw a Tropical Beach Scene - Draw a tropical beach landscape to spread sand and sunshine across the page. Learn how to draw this great beach scene in this article.

the letter H from:

Free Printable Fancy monogram: Link to Antique Pattern Library, all letters available in different sizes. Note: Suspicious link warning comes up, but the link worked fine for me.

Cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. Use Alene's Tacky Glue to draw design. Cover with foil, then shoe polish or spray paint it.

Use Elmer's glue to draw the design. Elmers Glue Design Paint over it. Add a glaze. You can buy the large, cardboard letters at JoAnne's.

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