The #Creative #Process #infographic: Like the use of the golden ratio...

The Creative Process - Meet Cody Wallis. This time all the way from across the pond! Cody Wallis is a graphic designer and illustrator residing in Seattle, Washington, USA.

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The Essential Guide to Creating an SEO-Friendly Customer Journey -- [Web Marketing] [Customer journey] [Personas] [SEO]

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The innovation canvas is a tool to help teams rapidly develop integrated product designs and business models by tackling challenges from multiple perspectives.

Hype curve, meet diffusion of innovations

I've been thinking a lot about the adoption of ICT here @ CCP. I'm lucky that, in my current role, it's an appropriate way to spend (some .

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Divergence Convergence in the process: "A hybrid elaboration and reduction workflow bolted onto a design process. The ideation and experimentation phases are the design phase (see double diamond design method)"