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Lyndsey G.- Reterritorialization is when aspects of one culture are adopted by another culture and improved upon. Soccer is an example of reterritorialization because it originated in China during the 2nd and 3rd BCs. Since then it has been improvised and made into the sport it is today.

Mitchell W. Reterritorialization is when one characteristic or object is taken from another culture, added to another, and then altered to please their needs. During Hitler's regime, he took the Aryan culture, which was clearly an Indo-European, dark skinned culture, and assured German citizens that they were blonde hair blue eyed beings. He also took the swastika symbol, which was originally a symbol of peace, and changed its meaning forever.

Jordan H. Reterritorilization is an element that came from a country, and was brought to an alternate country, and altered. This is reterritorialization because beer is from the old Mayan cultures, was spread to Europe, then brought to the United States which now makes multiple kinds of beer to accomodate our citizen's tastes.

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Zach T, Retirritorialization is when a someone takes the idea from another culture and changes to make it there own. This is a picture of coke light which they sell in Europe. They have taken the idea of coke and changed it to make their own.

Max D. - Reterritorialization is when aspects of one culture are adopted by another culture to benefit themselves. The show Top Gear was originally a British TV show, however, the History channel took the idea and made a U.S. version. This is an example of reterritorialization.

Sam F - Reterritorialization is when a culture takes something from a different culture, alters it slightly, & makes it their own. Pictured above is a great example of reterritorialization: chocolate. To further explain, chocolate was solely found in Mesoamerica until about the 16th century when the Spanish discovered it and took it back to their homeland. Instead of just drinking the bitter chocolate as the Mesoamericans did, the Spanish modified it by adding other ingredients such as sugar.

Bobby A- Reterritorialization is when a culture adopts something from another culture.the olympics started in Greece, and when they first started, it was only for Greeks. Now, almost every country in the world participates in the Olympics.

  • APHG

    I never would have thought of the Olypics as being Reterritorialization so great work on this pin. -Luke Johnson

Devyn W. Reterritorialization i when one creates an aspect of popular culture but, they make it their own. This picture shows all the different types of music. Each music type belongs to a different group of people/culture. They are all different but still have the same roots.

Frederick Brown. Reterritorialization is when a culture adopts a concept from another culture. This is a picture of P.F. Chang's, which is a Chinese-American restaurant. It shows reterritorialization because the franchise is owned by Americans who sell "Chinese" food to the public.

Blake W- Reterritorialization is when people within a place start to produce an aspect of popular culture themselves, doing so for their own benefit and making it their own. Baseball was created in the United States, but has been taken on by countries such as Japan. The Japanese have created many unorthodox hitting and pitching motions to suit their needs, but have had many players make it to the Major Leagues.

Brenden L. Reterritorialization is when people from the same culture take something from popular culture and make it their own but still having the main ideas.This is thailand's version of America's got talent this is an example of reterritorialization because they took a very popular show and made their own spin off.

Jessica S-Reterritorialization is when a part of popular culture is spread to local culture and is changed or modified by the adopters. This has to do with reterritorialization because in India they change the food that they sell from the food they originally sell in the United States. For example in the United States they sell meat burgers and in India they sell veggie burgers.

Camme. Reterrirorialization is when different countries take an idea a modify it to fit thier culture. An example of this is Starbucks in India because they sell things that fit to thier culture and wouldnt be found at Starbucks in America.

Mckenzie R. Reterritorialization is when a part of popular culture is spread to local culture and is changed or modified by the adopters. This picture exemplifies reterritorialization because although hip hop started in New York and Los Angeles, other places in Asia, mostly Indonesia, have made their own version of hip hop music.

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Lauren Delavigne, reterritorialization is when one culture takes an aspect of another culture and transforms it to fit in with its own. This is a picture of a bag of taco flavored Doritos which are sold in many American grocery stores. This is reterritorialization because tacos are a part of Mexican culture but combined with American culture taco flavored Doritos were made.

The Most Awesome Thing Ever: Limited Edition Taco Flavor Doritos
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    Bobby Austin- I do not think that this is a good example because doritos are American

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    Me gusta

Luke J. Reterritorialization is when a country or culture makes their own version of something from another culture. The X factor was a popular music show originating in England and has now spread to many more countries with their own judges and vocalists.

Rey N. - This is a picture of the conquering of the Aztecs by the Spanish. Reterritorialization is when a culture takes on parts from different cultures, but changes them to be their own. When the Spanish conquered the Aztecs, they removed specific Aztec beliefs such as their god and put in their own beliefs. The Aztec culture took those ideas and incorporated them into their culture.

Logan M- Reterritorialization is recreating characteristics from a different culture into your own version. Taco Bell is an example of this because it is a horrible American spin-off from traditional Mexican food.

Taco Bell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Megane M. Reterritorialization occurs when people are influenced by a popular culture but change the aspect and make it their own. When new fashion comes out in Paris, people in NYC change it and make it their own, and then other stores around the US are influenced by that and change it themselves.

Jack Timmons reterritorialization

Yeferline G: Reterritorialization is recreating characteristics of a different culture. Chipotle is an example of reterritorialization because it is an American business that is making Mexican food.