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#GetCovered: My Story

More than 8 Million Americans have signed up for health coverage thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Read personal stories of how the Marketplace has helped people across the country. Share your #GetCovered story with us here:

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#GetCovered: My Story

  • 55 Pins

Miesha Ann Mack: 'It's important to have health insurance. I'm moving forward.' Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young adults who had been in foster care, like Miesha, can be covered by Medicaid until their 26th birthday.

Jennifer Molina of Charlotte, NC. #GetCovered: My Story |

#GetCovered: My Story |

"Playing hockey keeps me balanced and relaxed. Insurance gives me peace of mind." - Amanda Waddle.

Ruth: "Being covered means everything to me." Yvonne Jones, Philadelphia, PA.

I’m Covered Stories: A Persistent Dad Wins the Day

Being able to get affordable, quality coverage through the Marketplace is a matter of respect.

A growing family will be covered. Stephanie and Justin, +1 due in September.

I’m Covered Stories: Getting the Facts Herself

I’m Covered Stories: A Just-in-Time Convert to Health Insurance

In Sickness and In Health: My #GetCovered Story (By Sarah Hecht):

Doing the Work I Want to Do: My #GetCovered Story (By Fawziah Abel Rahman Qadir):

It was one of the most relieving things ever. The Affordable Care Act is allowing me to pursue my dreams. –James, a 29 year-old Floridian no...

Getting In Tune For My Future: My #GetCovered Story (By Amelia Ciskey):

Read Ernesto's #GetCovered Story: (HHSGov) on Twitter

I Stopped Gambling With My Life: My #GetCovered Story (By Omar Chavez):

I Don’t Have to Worry Anymore: My Affordable, #GetCovered Story (By Angele Bravo):

Getting Covered Means I Get to Focus on What Matters: My Kids (By Shellie Braggs): ( (HHSGov) on Twitter

Taking Care of My Health is No Act (By Rachel Brown): (HHSGov) on Twitter

The Most Important Thing That I Do: Amy’s #GetCovered Story. Read more: (HHSGov) on Twitter

Secretary Sebelius poses for a photo with Cool and Dre during an outreach and enrollment event in Miami, FL.

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Twitter / HHSGov: Having health insurance enables ...

Making It Possible For Me to Chase My Dream: My #GetCovered Story:

You’re Not Invincible: 6 Reasons You Should #GetCovered.

Allan logged on to, checked out my options for coverage and chose a Silver plan. Read more about his story:

I've launched my small business & can focus on expanding it because I can now afford health coverage for my entire family. - Betsy Furler, a...

Lynn's #GetCovered Story: "Obamacare was a lifesaver for me." - Lynn Gardner Hinkle, Mother of 4 & Entrepreneur.

For Korby, Music and Health Insurance Go Hand in Hand. Read more about his story:

Spurred by a friend, Korby visited, and says he was “surprised and grateful” to see that he had affordable options—he’ll only be paying $17 a month for health coverage. Read more:

Albert's Enrollment Story: On enrolling in $23/month coverage through It's the right thing to do. You never know what you co...

For Noelle, affordable coverage means she can keep playing soccer worry-free. #GetCovered

Insurance That's High Quality and Affordable? Now That's a Slam Dunk. Read more:

LaNika: 'It was a breath of fresh air. I gained so much confidence.' -LaNika from Detroit on getting covered & receiving her insurance card....

#GetCovered: My Story |

Nathaniel and his wife are saving over $400/month. Explore your options and #GetCovered today at

“No Matter What Happens,” Justin’s Covered For Just $15 a Month. Read more about his story:

Putting His Entrepreneurial Skills to Work: Chris’ #GetCovered Story. Learn more:

Thanks to the affordable Care Act, millions of Americans like Mark from Austin, TX, can enroll in new health insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Enroll today at

“I don’t have to worry:” Nick’s #GetCovered Story. Learn more:

Jacob's Story: Cheaper Coverage for the Whole Family:

After checking out her options on, Molly found a quality plan that she could afford. Read her story:

Mick’s Enrollment Story: Buying health insurance isn’t an impulse decision and like many shopping on the Marketplace, Mick weighed his decision carefully. After more than a week of deliberation, Mick decided to go with a silver plan.

Learn more about Molly P’s Enrollment Story:

Nashvillians begin to sign up for Obamacare, via The Tennessean

Deborah’s Story: Finding Affordable Coverage with a Pre-Existing Condition:

VIDEO: Daniel's Covered. You Can Be Covered Too!

A quote about health insurance from Savanah from Tampa, FL.

Elizabeth knows it’s important to have health insurance, and was eager to check out her options on the Marketplace.

"Health exchange: Utah family gets coverage for $123 a month" from The Salt Lake Tribune.

"What Obamacare Feels Like to a Diabetic," by Karmel Allison.

Janine Reid, in a Washington Post Op-Ed, says that #Obamacare saved her family from financial ruin.

Jaime’s a 27-year-old college graduate who uninsured - she is looking forward to the peace of mind, safety, and stability that Marketplace coverage will provide.

Alejandra is an ambitious student with big dreams. She is looking forward to college and has plans to become a health professional – just like her big sister Mayra. And like millions of young adults across the country, Alejandra does not have health insurance.

Because Being Sick Shouldn’t Keep You From Being Covered… |

"I don't believe that any family, in the greatest country on earth, should be forced into bankruptcy in order to save a child's life." - Cathy

We’re Hearing About the Healthcare Law in Action.

We’re Hearing About the Healthcare Law in Action