Chic master shower features ceiling and walls clad in marble brick tiles fitted with a marble shelf ledge finished with a marble pencil rail. Chic shower boasts two shower heads facing a marble shower bench atop a marble basketweave tiled shower floor.

36 of the Prettiest Bathrooms of All Time

36 of the Prettiest Bathrooms of All Time

The overall effect is a little too "white subway til restaurant" for me. But the framed shower is kinda cool. Might just get annoying after a while though since you can't get away from it later?

Floating vanity, thick marble slab counter, tile floor and large mirror

The Block Glasshouse: How 'Bout Them Bathrooms!

Itty Bitty Bathroom - Floating cabinet, detail in handle with small touch of brass or bare wood. Take floating cabinet countertop and extend over toilet for extra counter space ***