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Spongebob: "Look what I've got!" *Holds Up Candy Bars* Patrick: "Rectangles!" ~~ This is one of my favorite episodes!

Dude no joke I literally started laughing in my room and then shut the door so my sister wouldn't see me snorting so hard!

I put this because I love Sponge Bob. This Picture reminds me when I was little and I always watch this at home. I love this picture because this episode was really funny.

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! And dang Chris Hemsworth is strong!!

the weight of chris and scarlett still doesn’t equal to thor look at their feet actually sliding lmao hemsworth is strong af look at how Chris is holding onto Scarlett’s utility belt instead of her hips…that’s always struck me as precisely “him”

I want Loki and Captain America and The Black Widow and The Hulk to come to my birthday too. Especially if they bring Iron Man.--> I would like to have Loki over my birthday party

"Hey, I should drink half a jar of pure, concentrated coffee!" Jenny no Jenny don't Jen-"OH SH*T WHAT HAVE I DONE"<<<<<<< well i feel bad for this person who just drank half a jar of pure coffee

“I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious Props Department”. Yes, you have a fantastic props department.