Why wish upon a star when you can pray to the one that created it. So true. Anytime I go through a tunnel or see a shooting star, I always make it a prayer.

Salt Lake City Temple. Love this picture!

Say what you want about the Salt Lake City Temple, but it is incredible architecture - it's like having a castle in the middle of my city, and I love it!// most beautiful place in Salt Lake

So cute.♥

I love the temple (blue stripe) 5x7

So cute.♥

I love the temple (blue stripe) 5x7

Toasted marshmallows in hot cocoa.  Around the rim...toffee crunch

Toasted marshmallow brown sugar rimmed malted hot cocoa for chilly fall days and nights. Looks delicious!

"Streets of Heaven" Salt Lake LDS Temple

"Streets of Heaven" Salt Lake LDS Temple. One of the coolest pictures I've seen of the SL temple.


Latter Day Saints Salt Lake City Temple. My favorite place to be on earth where it's peaceful there. The Lord's house that I would love to get married in.

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