Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It's called balance.


optimism. Amen to this. Thank you to those good people in my life. Love you all. - wonder about argument that pessimism prevents disappointment

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But really. I am 5'2 3/4". Not very big (at the current moment), but I have a passionate heart and a enduring spirit-- Don't Eff with Me, I'll confuse you with kindness.

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About timing...

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Never mix seasonal people up with lifetime expectations #best #quote #quotes #inspiration #inspirational #word #words #wisdom #saying #sayings

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Yep that's me! I still care about people who put me through hell and I'm pretty sure I always will. Just who I am!

sometimes i wish i wasnt so nice

This is so true. everyone comes through your life for a reason, whether they stay or leave.

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17 Secrets Every Target Lover Will Never TellYou

17 Secrets Every Target Lover Will Never Tell You - NewsRook

If you ignore me, I wont wait around. I wont bug you, I just wont talk to you. Simple as that. Sure its going to be hard. Its going to hurt. But it wont hurt as much as being ignored, because I deserve better than that. Ill move on and find someone who actually cared about me, since obviously you dont. If you continually treat me like crap, what reason do I have to stay?

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To make a difference in someone's life...

Healing Our Brokenness

It's really hard not talking to the person you used to talk to every day. ~ But it's okay. You will get through this. Remember, if they don't need or miss you, when they lead you to believe you were important to them, then clearly they were not worth having around. You don't need people like that in your life when you have so much to offer.

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for trues.

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I hope to remember this next next time a "goodbye" is difficult.

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∂٨٥٦. . .

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Haha so true!

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When A Capricorn Is In A Bad Mood Leave Them Alone Because At That Moment, They Don't Care. #Capricorn #Quotes

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Every time

Ooh.. ah. mmm..

Oh. My. Gosh. Literally just summed up what I have been trying to say my whole life.

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Wisdom Life Quotes, Quotes About Wisdom, Words of Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom Life Quotes, Quotes About Wisdom, Words of Wisdom Quotes

But when love is right, it's right, and you just know it.

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do you want me to show you the log of the hours i put in?

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But really. The struggle is real!

2-year-old problems…

Snort. Maybe it's because I'm short but yes, this is me.

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Smile is the sexiest curve on your body! Give someone on the street today a smile and feel your insides shine! It's when you shine deep within your core that makes you feel And look sexy!

Smile Everyday ~ God is Heart