Notre Dame - Paris

Notre Dame in Paris, France. I attended mass at Notre Dame de Paris and I don't think I will ever get the scent of incense out of those clothes.

Door to Coco Chanel's Original Atelier, Paris, France

Love the door color.Door to Coco Chanel's Original Atelier, Paris, France

Fontaine Médicis, Paris

The Medici Fountain/La fontaine Médicis is a monumental fountain in the Jardin du Luxembourg in the arrondissement in Paris. Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea, by sculptor Auguste Ottin, was added to the fountain in


Heartbreaking tribute…

A Heartbreaking Tribute. Nine thousand silhouettes were hand drawn in the sand on the Normandy beach to commemorate the soldiers and civilians who died on June

Versailles Palace, Paris

The most beautiful palace I've been! But, the best time I had with my husband was wandering the old city street market buying baguettes, cheese meat and wine. And the antique shops!

A Catedral de Notre-Dame de Paris é uma das mais antigas catedrais francesas em estilo gótico. Iniciada sua construção no ano de 1163, é dedicada a Maria, Mãe de Jesus Cristo, situa-se na praça Paris, na pequena ilha Île de la Cité em Paris, rodeada pelas águas do Rio Sena. Torna-se ainda mais famosa, depois que Victor Hugo escreveu, em 1831, o romance O Corcunda de Notre-Dame. Um gato na margem oposta do Sena observa a Catedral pela visão sudeste.

Cat from Paris {France}

Near the library | square Gabriel-Pierné - Paris 6e

I want to sit here someday! Square Gabriel-Pierné A bench of books. This little pocket of a park just behind Institut de France was named for Henri Gabriel-Pierné, a French composer, conductor, and organist who died in Square Gabriel-Pierné, Paris VI


Weekly Travel Guide: Versailles Palace and Gardens The gardens cover some 800 hectares of land, much of which is landscaped in the classic French Garden style perfected here by Linnea Versailles is a city on western edge of the French capital city Paris

"love locks" on the Archeveche Bridge in Paris

"Love Locks" on the Archeveche Bridge in Paris, France. Loved ones hang a lock with their names on it and then throw the key into the river. beautiful, i want to go to this bridge!

Chateau de Versailles

/France, Yvelines, Chateau de Versailles, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Cour de Marbre (Marble Courtyard) renovated in 2008