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an old poster with some type of writing on it's back side and the words above
Thank You in 30 Different Languages
Thank You in 30 Different Languages This shows how some things might not look the same or even sound similar across different languages but are still expressed. "Thank you" is a universal concept, it is important to people to be able to express gratitude. So, languages (cultures) have evolved to include words with the agreed upon meaning to express the concept.
there are pencils in a glass with the words 7 ways to increase student engagement
Ways to Increase Student Engagement - Not So Wimpy Teacher
Increase student engagement in your classroom with these seven fun ideas!
an image of small group instruction ideas for middle and high school students to use in the classroom
2 Peas and a Dog: Small group instruction looks different in every classroom - sometimes it is a structured intervention program, other times it is the teacher working with a small group of students on a focused task like guided reading or writing. Several great strategies are shared on how to make small group instruction meaningful in the secondary classroom.