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Petals Fall by yuumei

yuumei-art: “ Petals fall With every motion Taking all Of my emotion Carried away By the breeze Maybe someday I’ll be at ease —————— Finally finished my glass flute painting.

Infinite Melody by yuumei

-Infinite Melody- I’ve been having some artblocks lately until I remembered that I always wanted to paint an electric cello player. I used to play the flute myself but I’m a bigger fan of string.

In This Moment by yuumei

In this moment I’m not broken I am me I am free _____ Finally finished the first glass violin piece :) going to work more on my comics before finishing the other glass violin.

What It Takes To Fly by yuumei

yuumei-art: “~What it Takes to Fly~ Hopes and Dreams Lift me up The weight of Reality Keeps me down The Sacrifices I’m willing to make Of Myself, of Others This Hubris A Selfish plight An Endless.