How to make a snow-globe : DIY : Kid Craft - A Little Craft In Your Day

How to make a snow-globe : DIY : Kid Craft

Make DIY snow globes. This easy and awesome craft is great to do during the winter months! This DIY snow globe is great a small gift for the holidays. All you need is a mason jar, water, water proof super glue, a small figure, and glitter.

Punts de llibre

[Creative appreciation] flowers bookmarks, so that your book out of the flowers. Clever design is convenient to collect and appropriate use. Hearted DIYer may wish to use this design to produce exclusive bookmarks.

DIY spring dress bookmark (with tutorial)

DIY spring dress bookmark (with tutorial). I like this idea a lot. Inexpensive, rather easy, and I have most of the supplies already at home (and trying to use up). Make a variance to this by using my niece's name, or an object she likes. Place in book.

DIY Paper Lamps

Take a look at these beautiful paper lamps. If you`re wondering what shops host these beauties, hold on for a second. These paper lamps and candle lights are

Tea Lover's Bookmarks

Adorable Tea lover's bookmarks by Maria at ShopGirl. And you could use this same concept for other ones. A flower with a little bee, A tree with a little bird. The possibilities are once again endless. craft and stitc