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nokia ad 2000 - One 2 One advert, taken from the May/july 2000 issue of Sleazenation/ i-D - A One 2 One advert for a Nokia pay-as-you-go phone.

margadirube:  unquietwater: untitled by Nicolas w. on Flickr.

point of view: even though the glass on the right doesn't have any water in it, it is full of light. so, win.A glass full of light.

La griffe anglaise divise une nouvelle fois avec une création pour le moins étonnante. Après le denim aux genoux apparents, l’enseigne réitère en allant...

Clear Plastic Jeans Exist — Because Apparently Nothing Is Off Limits

THE TRAVEL TABLE Read more at Yanko Design

THE TRAVEL TABLE Designed as a trolley table, the Wago can be wheeled and set up anywhere.

This would be cool but to save space I'd like the storage/platform to come out from the foot of the bed rather than the side. {DIY platform bed- great way to save space in a small place. could even put bedframe on top of platform}