Mortal parent and demigod children. So many of them have sad childhoods .


"Poseidon," said Chiron. "Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Hail Perseus Jackson, Son of the Sea God."- The Lightning Thief

:O I love percy jackson

Half-Blood Prince spunds really cool><><Well. ah, Trident is the King of the Sea, so Percy is brother to the king.does that still make him a prince? I think so

Percy Jackson<3

Best book EVER! If any of u have read Heros of Olympus I have a question for u. Do u feel the war between the giants was kinda a rip off litteraly pages of war and then the smaller book: the last Olympian. Had like 50 pages of war.

Percy Jackson

But wait if people say " a pen is as sharp as a double edged sword" then I guess all pens are swords!

I'm going to cry! This would have been amazing

Imagine the Percy Jackson movies carrying the feeling the Harry Potter movies and cast have done for us. Imagine all the memes stating that the cast was more like their characters.

If Annabeth had gone missing instead of Percy... oh gods. Poor Percy...

If Annabeth had gone missing instead of Percy.this is intense. Dude the world would of been destroyed if annabeth had be taken instead of Percy

And we can read them because we demigods are fluent in Greek// I knew it

And we can read them because we demigods are fluent in Greek << This would explain why we are so dedicated to our fandom. And why people from other fandoms hate us so much. ITS BECAUSE THEY CANT EVEN READ THE BOOKS!

Oh my gods

Oh gods, what would I do if Percy Jackson knocked on my door? I would probably say, "Well now you show up!"<< Then roll your eyes and groan something about monsters and shut the door?