31 DIYs To Help You Throw The Best Slumber Party Ever as if i'll ever have one but its so cute i just had to pin it <3

31 DIYs To Help You Throw The Best Slumber Party Ever

31 DIYs To Help You Throw The Best Slumber Party Ever (we don't do sleepovers, but these would work for late overs!

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How to make a poster of the Solar Sytem -- complete tutorial for school projects. I did this with my niece for her school project, but we slightly changed a few things.

solar system mobile using styrofoam balls

(i say kinda cause i didn’t try to replicate ACTUAL planets…) this is made very similar to my giant cupcake (you can go here for a refresher) but i took some styrofoam balls in all sizes… and I gave them […]

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Solar System Elementary School Project Ideas

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Experience real science with a hands-on project you can do at home! Here is a project you can help your kids create. It is educational and fun at the same time. This project was created using FolkArt texture paint.

Awesome idea to have a Solar System around a light in a kids room!

Simple Solar System mobile craft made from recycled circular foams, yarn and foam balls in assorted sizes. Space the planets according their distance to the Sun and attach labels on the yarn to name the planets.


This FloraCraft Solar System Kit makes it easy for children and adults to work together, constructing a model of our solar system and learning scientific facts about the sun and planets in our solar system.

Science Projects Solar System |

A board like this but covered on the top and bottom as well - Science Projects Solar System