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Jesus is viewed as having been the most influential, and consequently the most damaging of all false messiahs.

Why would an imaginary Jesus hide for thousands of years not only from the “wise and understanding” but also from the ordinary Jews, Muslim and Pagans? Isn’t it a fact that only an evil, man-made idolatry would send the souls of those he was happily hiding from to hell?

LOL better than cell phone spy software.

The church of this country is not only indifferent to the wrongs of the slave; it actually takes sides with the oppressors - Frederick Douglass, former slave.

7 Things Atheists Turn to When They Have Problems Without Resorting to God. Recovering From Religion., and the just-opening-up Apostasy Project. Their purpose: to provide guidance, practical resources, and personal support -- for people in the process of letting go of religious beliefs; for people who have already let go of their beliefs and are dealing with the effects of this change; and for people who have thoroughly left belief behind them, but fear being open about it.

Hitler and God

Faith is a delusion - Kat Blackheart

Thank you but I've already found Jesus Christ. What I haven't found, however, is any evidence supporting such claims or any trace of him outside the Christian folklore and mythology.

Imperfect by design. More vindictiveness from your loving God.

Creationism vs Evolution

"You can't claim your holy book is a reliable guide to truth when you disagree on something as basic as which parts really happened and which didn't." - Click to read the whole cartoon.

Here is a better idea...don't. Leave them alone and don't destroy their thinking skills, minds, egos, and self esteem by teaching them that myths and lies are true. If you plan to abuse children this way, please don't even have them, you don't deserve them.

Maybe if this were a prevailing philosophy, things like Steubenville wouldn't happen.

Atheist Pin I Created

Idiot, Con Artist, Charlatan

So if I have done both, am I good to go? Purgatory? Lol