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    Party Design Inspiration : Monster's Ball

    The legends of hauntings have swirled around Stage 773. Ghostly apparitions appearing in the dark. Specters of performers past lurking in dressing rooms. Some even claim the theater rests on a gateway between the world of the living and the dead. One night a year the gates to the underworld are opened, the dead mingle among the living! On New Year’s Eve, the membrane that separates the worlds disappears as ghosts and ghouls ring in the New Year. The only protection for the living? blend in.

    Party Design Inspiration : Monster's Ball

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    what if we distressed him a little more and then just gave him a top hat and a bow tie (moustache, pipe, etc)!!! he could sit with the ticket person at the booth

    More fun labels

    Fun labels for halloween

    cotton + thread = snow

    we could do darker colors and disress them. maybe in the window area above where the band will be

    Maybe print out creepy stuff like this and add touches of glitter and glow in the dark paint and "frame" on the walls with a black border or something?



    most common apparitions children and shadow people.


    Turn a cheap skeleton into a corpse

    In progress by haskykiller.devia...

    Reggie Nalder starring as master vampire "Kurt Barlowe" in the 1979 TV mini-series of Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot. Directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, Lifeforce). In the book, Barlowe looks and like Dracula, not Nosferatu (from the 1922 German film), and has plenty of dialogue—unlike the TV movie, where he only hisses and growls.

    How to dye stockings. The perfect finishing touch for that special costume!

    Plague Doctor Black Death

    Neck tie


    . creeeepy


    Brilliant DIY Soda Bottle Bell Jars - not just for Halloween! Full tutorial at link.

    Boy and his evil doll

    Black bottle, crow feather

    DIY Masquerade Mask. WOW. Sticks on your face


    Lace Votives