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The Rich & Famous

Celebrities, musicians and famous icons that totally inspire me. They play characters or have qualities that I want to see in myself.

The Rich & Famous

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Walking Dead's Rick Grimes - Andrew Lincoln shot by Peter Yang for Men's Fitness Oct 2014 issue.

Here's to the crazy ones. via Apple - Remembering Robin Williams

Apple - Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams

  • Kathryn A. Gilchrist- Selvaggio
    Kathryn A. Gilchrist- Selvaggio

    What an amazing man! Brilliant, energetic an so very funny. We will miss you Robin.

  • Debbie Caton-Howard
    Debbie Caton-Howard

    I will miss him always!

  • Melissa Bowen
    Melissa Bowen

    I will Love him forever. Goodnight, gentle man.

  • Sherri Whelan
    Sherri Whelan

    So sad for his family. Will miss him. He was certianly amazing and caring. Peace be with him. I pray he is with our father in heaven.

  • Carrie Winkles Wiggins
    Carrie Winkles Wiggins

    We will miss him!

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"Bones" one of my favorite shows! Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz by photographer Jim Wright, 2007

Lauren Cohan | The Walking Dead - Esquire

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln: Style Special - Esquire

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln: Style Special - Esquire

Norman reedus gq magazine october 2013 style 01

Norman Reedus, Zombie Slayer
  • Samantha Mashburn
    Samantha Mashburn

    One of the sexiest men alive as far as I'm concerned!

  • Allison Gore
    Allison Gore

    Very hot!

  • Alberto Facchin
    Alberto Facchin

    è bello, veramente, però lo stile?

Scott Eastwood - Clint Eastwood's Son Actor Scott Eastwood in Newport - Town & Country

  • Rebecca Matsuoka
    Rebecca Matsuoka

    Resembles his Dad a lot but I am afraid I don't remember he ever looked this good! Gorgeous!

  • Marsha Merrick
    Marsha Merrick

    OMG thank you for sending me this!!! He is gorgeous!!! It's like reliving his father all over again!!!!

  • Susie Tillman
    Susie Tillman

    Chip off the old block for sure!

  • Jen Graham
    Jen Graham

    Hello there...

  • Susan Reese Wheatley
    Susan Reese Wheatley


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The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan - Maxim Exclusive

"The Walking Dead" Actress Lauren Cohan

Karl Urban.

024 - 002 - Karl Urban Images
  • Sheilah MacDonald
    Sheilah MacDonald


  • Norma Chloe Walters
    Norma Chloe Walters

    nice :-)

Mr Joshua Jackson | The Look | The Journal | MR PORTER

Norman Reedus on his Jack Pine, daily commuter

  • Brooke Zaras
    Brooke Zaras

    Yes, please.

  • Daniel Gonzales
    Daniel Gonzales

    Wish I had one

Hugh Laurie with his Triumph Bonneville. Photography by - Justin Stephens

Reese Witherspoon by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue May 2011 - Inspired by her new movie, Water for Elephants

Daniel Craig #skyfall

Sony Pictures - Error
  • Debby Brady
    Debby Brady

    like the car

  • Doreen Zorek
    Doreen Zorek

    Like the guy and the car

  • Adita Vega
    Adita Vega

    Like both , mostly the guy!!

The Man. Denzel Washington. Photos by Nathaniel Goldberg

Denzel Washington GQ Cover Shoot October 2012

Him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt - photo by Nathaniel Goldberg

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - GQ Interview August 2012
  • Karla Soto
    Karla Soto

    I love him!!!!

  • Peggy Rosenbluth
    Peggy Rosenbluth

    He's so versatile and talented

  • Sundance Vacations
    Sundance Vacations

    I hope he's in movies for the next 20 years

Shia Labeouf - Photo by Matt Jones

  • Joya Apperson
    Joya Apperson


  • Keller Arnold
    Keller Arnold

    a great suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

  • Sydney Nishimura
    Sydney Nishimura

    Exactly! Oh, the power.

  • Tricia Rodriguez
    Tricia Rodriguez

    Well said Keller!

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River Monsters with Jeremy Wade is one of my favorite tv series. Photography Copyright Marco Goff.

  • Joanne Albrecht
    Joanne Albrecht

    Fascinating show, great locations- love this show!

  • Alicia Andersson Covington
    Alicia Andersson Covington

    My 8 year old LOVES this show!

  • Sherry Hoag
    Sherry Hoag

    Interesting have to wonder what he will find...

  • Jeannine Dutton
    Jeannine Dutton

    OMG...... I love this show!!! He reminds me a bit of my SIL's bf!

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Johnny Cash.

Angels and Airwaves

Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins by Norman Jean Roy

  • Jason Bean
    Jason Bean

    Every movie he is in has been great!

  • Cynthia Salinaro
    Cynthia Salinaro

    Love all his movies

  • Jean Petty
    Jean Petty

    never gets tiring to look at

  • Martha Galvan
    Martha Galvan



    beautiful eyes....and i'm not talking about the color...

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Emma Watson. Photographer: Mariano Vivanco

Mariano Vivanco | Photographer
  • Deb/Kool Katz Jewelry
    Deb/Kool Katz Jewelry

    Takes a confident woman to wear a cut like this and she does it well! Beautiful

  • Elena Williamson
    Elena Williamson

    I really wish I could be as lovely as Ms. Watson!

  • Lisbeth Longstocking
    Lisbeth Longstocking

    I love this girl, not only is her personal style so chic without looking contrived, she is everything I could hope young women would look up to.

  • Antonio Beale
    Antonio Beale

    She's better with long hair...

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Russell Crowe - Gladiator Credit: Dreamworks LLC & Universal Pictures

  • Siobhan Carter McCann
    Siobhan Carter McCann

    Does it get any better than this?

  • Shauntel Davis
    Shauntel Davis

    I want to thank his parents :)))

  • Kieran Wilson
    Kieran Wilson

    LOVE this movie!!

  • Leslie


  • Margaret Darr
    Margaret Darr


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Steve Jobs. Photographer: Macro Grob

  • Margarita Funes
    Margarita Funes

    Point of view

  • Yvette Santos- Goodpaster
    Yvette Santos- Goodpaster

    Love Him!

  • Caroline Amano
    Caroline Amano

    i love him ♥

  • 모나

    i love him

  • Jessica Tuft
    Jessica Tuft

    Love and miss him so much!!!

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