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They Said That This Fruit Was 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo. Here is What They Didn’t Tell You

Discover This Natural Cancer Killer. Not for pregnant women or children, or regular use.


The Amazing Potential of This Fruit to Fight Cancer

Brain Cancer Healed with an Alkaline Diet (Josie Nunez) | Cancer Compass~An Alternate Route


Brain Cancer Healed with an Alkaline Diet (Josie Nunez)

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Cannabis Kitchen: Coo-Coo For Making Coconut Oil

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Essiac Tea: A Cure For Cancer?

Essiac tea was re-discovered by Rene Caisse. She was a Canadian nurse working at a hospital when she encountered a woman who claimed to have been cured of breast cancer. The woman and her husband did not have a lot of money, so they turned to alternative measures to treat …

Essiac Tea: A Cure For Cancer?

The Sour Sop or the fruit from the graviola tree is a miraculous natural cancer cell killer 10,000 times stronger than Chemo. Why are we not aware of this? Its because some big corporations want to make back their money spent on years of research by trying to make a synthetic version of it for sale.

Who Wants To Know: Curing Abilities Of Guanabana

SOURSOP fruit, leaves and seeds, are useful as a natural remedy to treat a variety of diseases including Cancer, Lumbago, Ulcers, Bladder Pain. It’s also believed to cure various kinds of other diseases such as heart disease, catarrh, gallbladder problems, leprosy, cough, diarrhea, fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and indigestion.

Health Benefits of Soursop at Best Healthy Foods

How to make essiac tea. For more information visit

Preparing the Essiac Tea Recipe | Make Your Own Essiac tea

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Wild Edible Weeds