Cake Batter funfetti Bark!

Cake Batter Bark: Melt dark chocolate and spread on parchment. Melt white chocolate and whisk in 3 tsp of white cake batter. Pour white chocolate on dark chocolate. Sprinkle with sprinkles and let harden in the fridge.

Swirled Sugar Cookies | SaltTree

correction--this pin takes you to the actual recipe! SaltTree: Swirled Sugar Cookies - I'll use my favorite sugar cookie recipe, but this good for technique

White Cake, Pink Frosting, White Drip, Fresh Strawberries + Meringe Kisses

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White Cake 90 g Egg Whites ( About 3 large eggs) 170 g Whole Milk 1 tsp Vanilla Bean paste or extract 200 g Cake Flour 200 g Superfine sugar 1 tbsp Baking powder tsp Salt 115 g Unsalted …