Bottle Humidifier by Cloud and Co

The Bottle Humidifier by Seoul-based design studio Cloud and Co is an attempt to visually reinvent a familiar household item and turn it into a device both elegant and efficient.

Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow

Foldable Sewing Machine by Richard Burrow at New Designers

Presented at the London graduate show, New Designers, Foldable Sewing Machine is a minimalist design created by Richard Burrow.

hannes harms: flat boombox

'thin boom-box', a small speaker which incorporates future technology focused on flat electrical components. by using thin stainless steel, its volume and material are highly reduced


Flower Power by Parrot (a flower pot sensor that uploads growing condition data - light, humidity, temperature, soil fertility)

porcelain espresso maker

WOW, porcelain and wood, wall-mounted, espresso maker by German design student.

Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s)

Open Mirror by Digital Habit(s


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Power Strip Svintus -

Svintus power strip by Art Lebedev Studio. This is awesome, I want one with US plugs!